• To deliver pharmaceutical and chemical products in innovative and cost effective ways.
  • To import and distribute pharmaceutical products and medical supplies throughout Ethiopia and Africa to address unmet medical needs and increase access to medicine.
  • To play an active role in Ethiopia’s development in healthcare and overall economic development.

We will realize this mission through a commitment to the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost containment in the industry. Established in 1997, Beker PLC started its business importing and distributing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies throughout Ethiopia. The company quickly grew and became known as one of the leading pharmaceutical importer with an annual sales turn over exceeding 340 million ETB . In 2006, Beker entered the chemical business and is now a leading competitor in supplying chemicals. Beker derives its name from its founder and chairman Abubeker A. Ture. At the time of establishment, Beker launched with just 3 employees. Today, that number has grown to be over 50 employees.
Executive Team

Nebil A. Ahmed
general manager, received his MBA from University of North Texas. His responsibilities include oversight of the company’s financial and strategic growth and working closely with our business partners.
Nadir A. Ahmed
managing director, received his PharmD from University of Houston. He is responsible for overseeing operations and expanding the company’s product range by implementing innovative strategies.
Rani A. Ahmed
finance manager, received her BBA from the University of North Texas. Her responsibilities include managing the company’s finances and supervising the sales team.

Hamdi A. Ahmed
operations manager, received his BS from the University of Texas. His responsibilities include logistics, warehousing, and procurement.
Nejat A. Ahmed
legal liaison, received her Juris Doctor from Baylor University School of Law. She is responsible for the company’s contractual and regulatory affairs.